I’ve been a creative all of my life and the creations have taken me down many paths, but it is art that has my heart.  I crave those Zen-like sessions where the art and I are completely one.  The world slips away and nothing else matters except the art. It’s a magical and energizing time.

My art journey has not been linear.  I had childhood lessons, but stepped away as a teen only to meet back up with it in my thirties during the rise of paper and stamp art.  I played in that sandbox for years, loving the community, honing my skills, and busied myself with print work, authored a book, and traveled extensively teaching.  I still love my roots, but I discovered I loved having a paintbrush in my hand,  so in 2011 the second act was born. 

My current playground is varied but most of my time is split between painting, fluid art, and Citra Solv work.  I am smitten with whimsy, quirk, yet love elegance and verbiage.  I split my time between abstract and objective work , but try to stay playful and spontaneous.   Don’t stop the merry-go-round.  I never want to get off.